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Education and Development Conference 2014


Welcome to Education and Development Conference 2014

  • This three-day program is unlike most academic conferences. It aims to bring scholars and students together as well as experienced professionals willing to learn, share their ideas and their great achievements, while addressing the importance of education and its strong correlation with development.
  • The Ninth Annual Education and Development Conference provides a comprehensive and interactive program in which participants cultivate their cross-cultural, and communication skills and learn about different educational systems, the importance of education and many ways to develop and implement it.
  • This program is specifically designed and targeted for graduate students, scholars, NGO representatives and community members:
  • Graduate students will have the opportunity to develop their studies greatly after being able to interact with scholars and other prominent figures;
  • Scholars will be exchanging their ideas, learning new approaches in the field and passing on their knowledge to other participants while simultaneously expanding on their knowledge, leadership skills and communication skills.;
  • NGO representatives will gain many practical skills while learning about the undermined importance of continuing education and its many rewards witnessed through high-achievements. At the conference you will have the opportunity to meet colleagues from around the world, establish new contacts and more importantly have the opportunity to develop new ideas that will greatly benefit your organizations and their respective environments;
  • Community members will benefit greatly from the array of resources available from conference participants and shared experiences.
  • All groups will have the opportunity to not only learn from each other and share experiences, but will also be expanding their global network and piling the building blocks for change for years to come.
  • This program is specifically designed to have long-lasting effects on the conference participants as well as on the people of their communities. The individuals who actively participate will not only gain new knowledge, skills, and resources which will enable them to improve their relative social, economic, and political positions, but also their newly acquired knowledge and skills will serve as a strong foundation to continue to improve human capital on an ongoing basis.

EDC 2014 Organizing Committee